3D Human Shape Deformation Learning

3D Human Shape Deformation Learning

Jiakai Zhang, Chris Bregler, Hao Li
NYU Movement Lab
September 2012 – Present

1. Skeleton fitting human body shape by using Expectation-Maximization algorithmbodyPart_cloudPoints

Figure 1: skeleton fitting human body shape

2. Non-rigid registration between different human poses and different identities


Figure 2: Non-rigid registration

3. Learned pose deformable models of human shape

Learned a linear model by encoding muscles and implemented skeleton-based body shape deformation.


Figure 3: Apply deformation matrix on one body part

Human Shape Deformation Learning

Figure 4: Reconstruct the deformation body

4. Reference

[1] Dragomir Anguelov SCAPE: Shape Completion and Animation of People
[2] Robert W. Sumner, Jovan Popovic Deformation Transfer for Triangle Meshes

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