Smart Car Design

Smart Car Design

Jiakai Zhang, Meng Wang, Shengcheng Yuan
Tsinghua University
October 2009

We designed a smart car with the whole intelligence system independently which could run on the grid and capture the specific color cylinder. The crucial problem is to design a robust and real-time line and corner detector on a single-chip microcomputer. To solve it, we implemented the edge detection based on Hough transform, which performed well on the simple background.

1. Smart Car Overview


Figure 1 Top view of smart car


Figure 2 Bottom view of smart car

2. Circuit Design 

PCB2Figure 3 Top view of the PCB board

2.1 Power circuit


Figure 4 Power circuit

2.2 Motor drive circuit


Figure 5 motor drive circuit

2.3 Singlechip circuit


Figure 6 Singlechip circuit

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